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Information and resources for some of my courses


My favorite part of working at a university is teaching–I love it all from being in the classroom with students (or, in more recent COVID-y times, being in virtual environments with students) to planning, creating, and organizing materials and lessons to use in class.

Here, you will find pages dedicated to some of the resources and material I have developed for the courses I teach most frequently.

Brief descriptions of three of those courses are provided below–information about the conlang course (LING 4337 Invented Languages) can be found under the Conlang menu.

The day my students dressed up like me
The materials are open-educational resources (OER), so if you are a fellow teacher, feel free to use them in your own classrooms. If you have any feedback on the resources, please send it my way!

A little Bible in the ETRC archives

LING 3342 History of the English Language

Course description: Study of change in the English language through hands-on analyses of documents to identify shifts in language use, and investigation of social, cultural, and political motivations for language change.

My students: Most of the students who choose to take this course are either English or Linguistics majors/minors.

Teaching goal: My main goal is to give students the opportunity to conduct original research with primary documents, so we spend a great deal of time in the East Texas Research Center, which houses our university’s archives.

LING 3344 Structures of English

Course description: Descriptive study of the linguistic features of English, including analyses of sounds, words, grammar, and discourse.

My students: The majority of students enrolled in this course are English students (specifically future English teachers) and Communication Disorders students (who will be future speech pathologists).

Teaching goal: Students in this class represent diverse interests and academic backgrounds, so my main goal is to help them connect linguistic concepts and skills to their academic majors or future careers.

LING 4339 English Grammar

Course description: Investigation of grammatical form and function in natural written texts, focusing on modern American English, and application of grammatical features to textual analyses, such as using grammatical features to describe genre or stylistics.

My students: Most of the students who take this course are future high school English teachers or technical writing students.

Teaching goal: My main goal is to help students draw connections between grammar and other fields, showing them how grammatical features affects everything from the decisions authors make when they write to the effect a text has on us when we read.