LangTime Studio

Where two linguists create conlangs and live stream the entire process.

Welcome to the world of collaborative conlanging

Use the links below to learn more about LangTime Studio, a joint project between David J. Peterson and me.


LangTime Studio

This link will take you directly to our YouTube page, where you can catch up on past episodes of our live stream. Every week, we are joined by a community of conlangers from around the world, who actively participate in the live chat. If you want to catch us live, you can join us on Thursdays at 4:00 p.m. CST (2:00 p.m. PST).


David J. Peterson’s website

You’re on my website, so I’m assuming you know at least a little bit about me. If you don’t know David, you need to check out his work before going any further. The link above will take you to his main website, where you can learn more about his amazing work (including conlangs he created for HBO’s Game of Thrones, the CW’s The 100, Netflix’s The Witcher, among many others) and his books.


Social Media: Twitter, Instagram, & Tumblr

Want more LangTime Studio? You can follow us on these three social media sites: the site names above are linked to our related accounts.


A LangTime SubReddit

You can also participate in the LangTime community on Reddit!